Community Heart and Soul

In partnership with the J. Marion Sims Foundation, who has partnered with the Orton Family Foundation, to share the Community Heart & Soul ® method as part of its ongoing commitment to lift up and empower community voices to support a healthy community.

The intent is to deepen dialogue within our communities, so as to strengthen and support the kind of collaboration that builds capacity in our towns and cities. With the insights gained through this and other community engagement processes, the Foundation will use community data and indicators to make decisions, measure progress, and illuminate issues that are important to those who live, learn, work, or play here.

Our Community

Fort Lawn, SC, was chosen to be apart of the Community Heart and Soul project, as well as Kershaw, SC.

Our Team 

We are pleased to welcome Robin Currence to the Fort Lawn Community with Heart & Soul project. We’re super excited she’s on board!

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