The Fort Lawn Community Center offers many facilities available to rent. These facilities can accommodate a variety of gatherings, such as:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthday parties
  • Pageants
  • Community Theater
  • Concerts
  • Company Training
  • Workshops
  • Arts an Craft Classes

Plus many more!

Comporium Auditorium


This auditorium is a large facility with a stage as well as a seating area. This facility can accommodate 200 people. The auditorium is located on the right side of the Center and has direct access into the Center, parking lot, and a walk-way to the cafeteria.

Cafeteria Building

The cafeteria offers a kitchen for preparing meals as well as a dinning area. This facility can accommodate 125 people, and is located behind the auditorium. The cafeteria has access to the kitchen, parking lot, and a walk-way to the auditorium.



Classrooms, Exercise Room, and Arts & Crafts Room

These facilities are located inside the Fort Lawn Community Center. Each space offers different accommodations, but no more than 25 people. Each room has direct access to the Center.

For pricing, see the Pricing link located within the Rental link (or just ‘Click’ on Prices).