Fort Lawn Community Center Rental Policy 

There is not to be an event where an admission charge is taken by the renters. If there is such an event, the police will close down the event and a report will be made to the SC Department of Revenue.

A RENTAL DEPOSIT FEE is required at the time the reservation is made. THE RENTAL DAY is from 8am – 11pm. Please note that the event must be complete and the space cleaned by 11pm.  Decorating will not be allowed the day before the event unless the space is rented for two days.  The space may not be rented for partial days.

THE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be returned within ten (10) business days by check and will be reflective of the items listed in the Rental Checklist located elsewhere in this document. If the reservation is cancelled within ten (10) business days of the scheduled event, the refund WILL NOT be returned.

THE RENTAL FEE is to be paid by noon on Friday before weekend events. For weekday rentals, the rental fee must be paid by noon on the day prior to the event.


KEYS are to be picked up for weekend events by noon on the Friday before the event. For weekday rentals, the keys are to be picked up by noon on the day prior to the event.  The keys must be returned to FLCC by 5pm on the first business day after the event.

THE MAXIMUM CAPACITY of the auditorium is 200 people.  The maximum capacity of the cafeteria is 125 people. Fire Codes will not permit more than this number at any time.

NO ALCOHOL is permitted in or on the premises.  Violators will be prosecuted and the event will be terminated. NO ANIMALS are permitted with the exception of guide animals and events provided as part of a program event. NO SMOKING is allowed on the Fort Lawn Community Center campus.

LAW ENFORCEMENT will periodically monitor the FLCC property.  If inappropriate behavior is witnessed, the FLCC Executive Director will be notified and the event will be terminated.  There will not be a refund of the deposit or rental fee.

ALL TRASH must be removed from FLCC the day of the event. Trash bags are kept in the hall closet left of the soda machine in the main building.  Trash bags are in the cabinet closest to the kitchen trash can.  Please ensure that new trash bags are placed in all trash cans after you remove trash and prior to your departure.   The grounds should also be checked for trash prior to your departure.

CLEANING SUPPLIES are located in the back hall closet left of the soda machine in the main building and in the kitchen of the cafeteria.  It is expected that the rented areas and bathrooms be cleaned prior to your departure.

FOOD PREPARATION is allowed in the kitchen of the cafeteria.  Food served in the auditorium must be ready-to-serve.

TABLES and CHAIRS are available for use.   The renter is responsible for the set-up and returning tables and chairs to their original locations after the event. FLCC does not provide linens for the tables.

ALL DOORS are to remain closed except when people are entering or leaving the building. Do not prop them open.  This will conserve HEAT and AIR and maintain a comfortable temperature for your event. RETURN ALL THERMOSTATS to their original settings when you are leaving your event. LIGHTS are to be turned off throughout the building prior to your departure from the event.  Please ensure that the outside cafeteria lights are turned off.

INFLATABLES must be pre-approved by the FLCC Executive Director and an event insurance policy must be purchased by the renter prior to the scheduled event. Evidence of this policy must be presented to the FLCC Executive Director for weekend events by noon on the Friday before the event. For weekday rentals, this documentation must be presented by noon on the day prior to the event.   An additional $50 payment must be paid by the renter to cover the costs of extra utility charges.  

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