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Our Mission

The Fort Lawn Community Center’s mission is to provide educational, cultural, health, wellness, and human services to the residents of Fort Lawn and surrounding communities.

Our Goals

To support the independence and well-being of seniors 60 years of age and older by providing nutritionally balanced meals, health education, health screenings and activities.

To enhance personal enrichment and community connections by offering a variety of cultural, recreational, and health and wellness activities.

To ensure long-term organizational sustainability by developing and enhancing programs offered by the Center, and by engaging in on-going fund development activities.

Our Community

The Fort Lawn Community Center offers opportunities for personal enrichment and community connection. Come to learn, get healthy, and have fun!

Message From the Director

A Note From Libby-

We’ve been pretty busy at the Community Center this summer.  The Summer Camps have been extremely successful, the Senior Meal program continues on, many of the adult education students are working very hard towards securing their GED, our senior computer classes are growing and we’ve begun adding some new classes including Zumba and Yoga.  (I’ve attended both Zumba and Yoga and I LOVE both!  I’m excited that there is now less of me and I am feeling better!)

My sincere thanks to the 4H team of Robin Currence, Steve Hucks, Katie Rishbarger and the many 4H interns and volunteers that worked to ensure days of great summer camp.  Using the new Science on the Move trailer, the 4H folks were able to provide our campers with many awesome science and technology activities that were immensely enjoyed.  Also, during a one day workshop, many kids learned how to make various foods and an apron.

Scott Stephens with SC Department of Natural Resources provided archery, skeet shooting and boating safety classes for our kids this summer.   Although Scott is quite easy going, he was able to get all of the kids to understand the importance of following safety rules and staying aware of your environment when participating in these sports.

Bob Doster and James Ouzts provided excellent art activities for the kids. During the two weeks that they were here, the kids participated in clay, metal working and printmaking activities.  Stop by and see a few pieces of the excellent artwork that was left here.

All of these classes were offered for free or for very small charges due to the generosity of the LEGO Foundation, Clemson Extension, SC Department of Natural Resources and the Springs Close Foundation.  My sincere thanks to these groups for helping the kids in our area have some wonderful and safe opportunities to learn things that will benefit them throughout their life!

To make our summer even busier, the staff, board and I participated in an assessment to determine the Center’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.   Funded by the J. Marion Sims Foundation, the Weathers Group out of Columbia reviewed how we operate and our infrastructure.

All of us involved in the assessment are very pleased with the results. The consulting group listed our status as growing.  We aren’t maintaining, declining or being eliminated.  We are growing!

Although we are doing quite a few things right, there’s some areas that we really need to work on.  Our image is improving, but, we need to work on this.  We must improve our marketing and fund development.  We need to work on our data collection and have all staff become more comfortable with recording it.  Our networking system needs a bit of work.  The Center needs to expand the programs that we offer.

Is all of this doable?  YOU BET!  And, again, thanks to the generosity of the J. Marion Sims Foundation, we will begin working on some of these items immediately.

In the big picture, I do think that we are doing a better job of being here for the community.  But with some work, we are going to be AWESOME!

I look forward to seeing you at the Community Center soon!

Libby Sweatt-Lambert

Executive Director

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